The production activity is carried out in Cellatica where the company can count on a very large factory based on a 20,000 square metre-area, 8,500 of which covered).Specific production units for each kind of product have been adequately equipped and 4,000 tons of products are manufactured yearly, most of them aiming at meeting the specific requirements of the customers.

Herb extraction

Traditional herb extraction
This is the core of the company where the extraction from spices and aromatic herbs of active principles originating the flavour and the taste of the various products takes place. The spices, ground at a standard size, are put into the extractor machine together with the solvent ( a mixture of ethyl alcohol and water with an adequate alcoholic content) and they are left there macerating for a pre-set time and then they are separated by means of pressing, centrifugation or distillation.
The hundred-year-old experience of G. Mariani & C. Spa in the herb extraction techniques and the thourough knowledge of aromatic herbs have made it possible to optimize all the process parameters (type of machinery, size standard, concentration of wateralcoholic mixture, extraction time) resulting in the production of extracts, infusions and distillates with excellent sensory properties.

Herb extraction ultrasound

Estrazione erboristica con tecnologia ad ultrasuoni
G. Mariani & C. Spa have devoted constant attention to the technological developments and created a production unit for extracts and infusions applying the Ultrasound technology. This innovative technique combines the ideal and strong acquisition of the aromatic principles of spices with a reduction in the number of extraction cycles and consequently with the optimization of the processing time.
The stabilized extract obtained by centrifugation may undergo a low temperature concentration giving origin to concentrated Extracts.
Both traditional and Ultrasound technologies applied in the extraction units allow G. Mariani & C. Spa to choose the most appropriate technique, according to the characteristics of aromatic herbs and to their production requirements, and to produce the widest range of extracts, infusions and distillates.

Extraction from tea leaves

Extraction from tea leaves

G. Mariani & C. Spa have studied, implemented and standardized a high technology extraction  method from tea leaves, which is refined and complex owing to the properties and the  features of the original vegetable source.
The first stage consists of the extraction through water, the following stages being the addition of ethyl  alcohol and a final selection treatment through which the extract “raw” tea releases the substances that may jeopardize its stability and the aspect of the final drink and acquires a stronger taste and flavour.
The tea extract obtained through this process is a guarantee for the production of absolutely transparent  and stable drinks, where the aromatic fragrance of tea leaves is combined with the lovely and typical amber colour.


Concentrated fruit-juices and semifinished products for the drink industry

CBy using a natural raw material such as the concentrated fruit-juice, G. Mariani & C. Spa produce several aromatic semifinished products for the food industry. Homogenizers, pasteurizers and emulsifying machines are available in this department. For some years G. Mariani & C. Spa have been supplying concentrated fruit-juices in bags in boxes. The sterilized packaging is a process through which a product free from microbiological contaminating agents, harmful to human health or to the product , can be packed in a non sterilized environment. The fruit-juice to be packed is put into a flash pasteurizing machine where, according to pre-set time/temperature values and acidity of the product, the total microbic content is eliminated, by removing the presence of any pathogens completely. From the flash pasteurizing machine, the sterilized juice is sent to the packaging machine with no further contact with the external environment. The head of packaging of the packaging machine is situated in a room sterilized through a steam extra pressure. The bag in box is sealed directly in the sterilized room where the cycle is concluded.

Production of flavours

Production of flavours

Technology, creative skills and know-how: all these resources are used by G. Mariani & C. Spa to create and produce flavours. Laboratory tests and production are closely related and make it possible to make both traditional and new products. By means of specific equipment, different kinds of flavours are obtained:

  • Emulsions;
  • Liquid flavours;
  • Powder flavours.

An assidous and extremely accurate test activity leads to stable and effective emulsions. These
products are used with drinks in order to give a non transparent aspect, flavour and colour.

The liquid flavours for the different uses, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and confectionery products, are produced by qualified and trained staff. State-of-the-art and appropriate techniques make it possible to get products that meet the specific requirements of the customers.
The production of “powder” flavours implies the mixture of the liquid flavour with adequate bases, usually long-chain sugars able to capture and incorporate the flavour and to stop it from volatilizing during the subsequent processing stage.

The transformation from liquid flavour into powder flavour takes place through atomization, through the rapid passage of the vaporized flavour into high temperature rooms. Thanks to their
low hygroscopic capacity, powder flavours have a high shelf life and can be used in very different fields (savoury, gastronomy, confectionery, phytotherapy and soft drinks).

Internal laboratories

Internal laboratories (Quality control and R&D)

The quality of the products is continuously monitored thanks to the accurate draft of Monitoring Plans and to the cooperation of qualified staff together with the availability of modern equipped laboratories (area of laboratories 400 sq. metres). Raw materials, semifinished and finished products are tested both by means of traditional analysis methods (chemical and physical, microbiological, spectrophotometric and gaschromatographic analysis) and specific techniques studied and implemented in order to meet the special requirements of our customers (shelf life tests, sensory tests, mass spectrometry “mass gas” etc.).
In addition to the typical activities of Quality Control, the laboratories of the company carry out R&D activities. Through the dynamic cooperation between flavourists and marketing experts, market trends can be anticipated and performed for the benefit of the customers. A strong commitment to the preparation of Samples is devoted; more than 5,000 samples are sent to the customers every year.
Before its final preparation, the sample is often tested in the finished product so that the customer can be offered the flavour that meets his requirements in the best way and all the necessary information for the best use (ingredients, dosage and instructions for use). In order to fulfil these objectives, G. Mariani & C. Spa have equipped their laboratories with pilot installations to manufacture the complete range of foodstuffs (confectionery and bakery products, biscuits, candies and gelatines, ice-creams and sorbets, liqueurs and alcoholic drinks, fizzy soft drinks, puddings and desserts) and invest resources in the technical staff training continuously.


Warehouses and Storage area

G. Mariani & C. Spa pay special attention to the storage and preservation of raw materials, finished products
and packaging.3,000 square metre-warehouses, cold-storage rooms at different temperatures (0°C/+5°C and –12°C/-20°C for a total area of 750 square metres i.e. 4,000 cubic metres), a functional and rational layout of the different areas, a single identification of the products stored together with a FIFO management system make it possible to have any product available at any time, accurately preserved and easily traceable.


Cream-based liqueurs

The production of cream-based liqueurs allows G. Mariani & C. Spa to provide their customers with a valid technological support and to confirm the high versatility of their production units. “Creams”, flavoured in traditional and innovative tastes or supplied as a source element to the customer who makes the final product according to its own requirements, are stable although their composition is extremely delicate.